"Thanks you everybody for your support"

OoH Sep 6, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Emotions are running high on board Oceans of Hope as the end of their Atlantic crossing is so close it is almost within touching distance.


Bosun Bertram Christianson reported, “Almost there! We are moving forward with a steady pace and everyone on board is excited to reach Boston and finish our Atlantic Crossing."  


Oceans of Hope Sailing Sclerosis founder Mikkel Anthonisen told us, “"We are now close to completing our first Ocean crossing. A lot has happened during these first three months of our journey, many countries have been visited and much energy around us has been generated. We still have a long trip ahead of us around the world. But we will not forget our friends in our wake. We will stay in touch and do our best to amplify our leave behind. Thank you everybody for your support!"


For MS crew member, Tine Perlt the approaching end of her journey with Oceans of Hope was a time for reflection, “There is a time for deep thoughts: for perspective, soul searching, and rationalization. The line of thought can seem as endless as the horizon, but that doesn't matter. The dreams and the imaginable possibilities are standing in line. And there is time for it.”


“Fortunately the ripples of Oceans of Hope are spreading much further than this voyage – we take the people we have met on board forward into our lives, and the spirit of fellowship and belonging that we have achieved together.  This way Oceans of Hope and its incredible Atlantic crew will always have a place in my heart and the journey will not end, but only change its form,” she added.


Oceans of Hope is due to arrive at The Marina at Rowes Wharf in downtown Boston next Monday, 8 September, at 1.30pm.

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