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Time Flies

OoH Sep 6, 2014, by Tine Perlt in Yacht

There is a time for deep thoughts: for perspective, soul searching, and rationalization. The line of thought can seem as endless as the horizon, but that doesn't matter. The dreams and the imaginable possibilities are standing in line. And there is time for it.


As Bermuda slowly disappeared into the horizon a Bermudian term joined us and flew with Oceans of Hope for a while.  In a symbolic way it bid us farewell as we were bidding the beautiful island farewell, as the last leg of our Atlantic Crossing began.


Our goodbye to Bermuda was somehow filled with ambivalent feelings. Happiness that we were going sailing again but at the same time a sadness that the sailing with Oceans of Hope and the truly magnificent people, I have been so lucky to go sailing with, will soon come to an end.


There has been time – a lot of time to think your thoughts.  Out here on the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of all this blue water, under the burning sun at day and shining moon at night, there has been time: time to find perspective, to put things into relief and, to feel what is important and what is missing.  Something inside us has changed on this journey – I think we can all feel that...


There is a time to believe... Believe that dreams CAN come true.  This time has been there, and it still is, and I will take that with me after I have stepped off Oceans of Hope.


There is a time to think possibilities and not disabilities.  That is exactly what it is time for – right here, right now.  It is a wave of opportunities and not limits. I choose to ride this wave! For every nautical mile Oceans of Hope has conquered with me on board, I have regained faith and strength. The faith and courage to dare to dream again, and the strength to achieve those dreams. Sometimes you have to leave your home to find out where it is – I have found something in myself that has been put away for far too long.


There will also be a time after we get home: a time where every day the new dreams and opportunities – maybe – are put into reality. What new dreams will come true and which ones were just daydreams on the big blue?


Time, which at home in everyday life seems so precious, that it always has to be prioritized, has felt like a boundless underground spring out here on the water.  It is always the same spring, but one that is continually renewed.


But the spring was not endless and there is a time to say hello and a time to say good bye – and fortunately there is also a time to say see you again. That is comforting now that the end of this life changing experience is getting nearer.


Fortunately the ripples of Oceans of Hope are spreading much further than this voyage – we take the people we have met on board forward into our lives, and the spirit of fellowship and belonging that we have achieved together.


This way Oceans of Hope and its incredible Atlantic crew will always have a place in my heart and the journey will not end, but only change its form.

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