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OoH Sep 5, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Jens Thomsen and Susan Strachan describe the scene on board Oceans of Hope today.

“Tine helps prepares another fabulous meal by slicing and dicing for our master chef Jacob... Jens is busy communicating with Mikkel Farver about the wind, current and speed over ground which is not always easy! Luisa and Susan are on maintenance duty, helping skipper Kristian doing wax on wax off on the port side of the vessel.

“As a group of MS'ers, they help explore the great blue sea journey together as one TEAM.”

Bertram Christensen adds, “With all sails set and an average speed of 7-8 knots, Oceans of Hope is flying towards Boston once again. The day was spent with general maintenance, a trip up the mast and skipper pancakes to finish off another great meal by chef Jacob.

“The odd currents of yesterday are history once more and we are now enjoying ‘one of the most beautiful night sailings we have had for the entire crossing,’ as Mikkel Anthonisen put it.

“The sunset was ever so amazing with blue, green and orange colours on the clouds and the stars have come out to accompany us for the last stretch of this leg. The crew is enjoying every last moment of the fantastic journey, which still seems to be coming to an end much too fast.”

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