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Bye bye beautiful Bermuda

OoH Sep 2, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Oceans of Hope has left Bermuda and is sailing towards Boston, USA, on the final stage of the first transatlantic crossing of the unique circumnavigation for people with MS.

“As we end our pleasant stay on Bermuda and set sails on a north westerly course, there are mixed feelings on board. The crew enjoyed the exotic island of Bermuda for six days with time on the beach, good food and some time to rest, but after all we are here to be sailing,” reports Bertram Christensen, Oceans of Hope’s bosun.

“Finally the yacht is back where it is supposed to be - on its way to Boston! We are sailing at 8-9 knots with the main sail and the yankee supported by a little bit of engine to make sure we keep a good pace. We wouldn't want to be late for the grand arrival!

“Nonetheless this also puts focus on the fact that we have embarked on our last leg for our great Atlantic crew, hence the mixed feelings. We are really looking forward to getting to Boston, but no one wants to leave Oceans of Hope!”

American crew member Susan Strachan joined Oceans of Hope in Bermuda to sail back to her home city, Boston.

She says in her blog today, “As everyone settled into their respective roles, I began to sense the ebb and flow of a team working jointly, yet freely amongst themselves. I watched and learned the procedures to try to fit in. Each had input to help me feel welcomed to make the journey safe and comfortable together.”

Oceans of Hope is due to arrive at Rowes Wharf in Boston on 8 September at 1.30pm. Members of the local sailing community are welcome to come out on the water to meet the 20-metre yacht at the end of her transatlantic voyage and help celebrate the achievement of her crew.

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