Help us to leave MS ashore!

OoH Aug 27, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team

Oceans of Hope is a 20 metre yacht operated by the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation that is circumnavigating the world. An ever-changing crew of MS patients sail the yacht and in each stopover port local MS patients are taken sailing to introduce them to the freedom that sailing provides and a new way to challenge themselves for the future. The project’s objective is to prove that MS does not have to block activity and that sailing is a perfect medium – as we say, the MS is left ashore!


Oceans of Hope is changing perceptions of MS and changing the lives of people living with MS.


To enhance our programme and introduce even more MS patients wherever we go, we need your help – you will truly be helping to revitalise the lives of people with MS. Simply hit the Donate Button and send your donation via PayPal – every penny counts in our mission to change the lives of as many MS patients as possible.

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