When true character shows

OoH Aug 24, 2014, by Mikkel Anthonisen in Yacht

We are presently sailing through a lot of small cyclones, squalls, with winds up to 40 knots – constantly one taking over from the next. I am truly proud of the crew. Even though they are all tired due to not being able to lie still in the bunks, even though most of them are a little seasick and even though none of them have ever tried being at sea in such a rough weather, nobody complains and nobody snaps at each other. Everybody takes their turn on the watch and helps each other when necessary. Everybody knows the importance of taking care of themselves, each other and the boat. These people are made of the right stuff. Being at the open ocean in a gale for several days is when true character shows.

We are still heading for Bermuda but there is a hurricane closing in on us from the Caribbean. This could mean that we would have to pass Bermuda and go straight to Boston. It could be too dangerous to arrive on a windward coast with the waves rising and breaking as the water gets shallower.

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Mikkel Anthonisen

Founder, doctor and skipper