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More and more wind

OoH Aug 24, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Oceans of Hope is closing in on Bermuda and keeping an eye on the tropical storm that is brewing over the Caribbean.

“More and more wind for the crew of Oceans of Hope!” reports Bertram Christensen.

“We are now living permanently on an angle on board, and the crew is getting well-adjusted to the new conditions. With about 420 nautical miles left to Bermuda, we are starting to look forward to solid ground under our feet, but also we are trying not to get our hopes up too soon. We are currently keeping a close eye on a tropical storm moving north east from the Caribbean that might end up forcing us to go straight to Boston. As of now the course is still set on Bermuda – but we'll keep you posted!”

Project founder Mikkel Anthonisen says he is truly proud of the crew.

“Even though they are all tired due to not being able to lie still in the bunks, even though most of them are a little seasick and even though none of them have ever tried being at sea in such a rough weather, nobody complains and nobody snaps at each other. Everybody knows the importance of taking care of themselves, each other and the boat. These people are made of the right stuff. Being at the open ocean in a gale for several days is when true character shows.”

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