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Eager to be sailing properly again!

OoH Aug 23, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Severe weather conditions, which saw three to four meter waves breaking onto the bow of Oceans of Hope, are the reason there was no blog from the boat today.

The Bosun reported that, “The blog was to be written this morning, but winds have picked up, and no one feels like sitting in the overheated galley.”

As the crew have often told us in previous blogs, the best way to avoid sea sickness in rough conditions is to get up on deck and ‘enjoy the ride’.

Yesterday started uneventfully with a continuation of the calm seas and clear skies which have seen the boat relying on engine power for the last few days.  And with the crew itching to get back to some proper, hands on sailing again. 

However, all that changed dramatically just 24 hours later. Bosun Bertram told us, “After sailing at a slow pace all of yesterday, the weather has started picking up this morning. We have south-south westerly winds of 10-11 meters per sec, now giving us 8 knots pointing almost straight at Bermuda.”

The good news is that with approximately 550 nautical miles left to the next stop-off the crew expect to reach Bermuda in about three to four 4 days’ time.

Best of all the change in the weather means that for now it is back to the business of sailing for those on board Oceans of Hope, “We enjoy the winds we have finally reached after too much waiting, with a crew eager to be sailing properly!” the Skipper said.

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