"In a state of WOW"

OoH Aug 21, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Last week’s stormy weather is almost distant memory for those on board Oceans of Hope.  The Skipper Bosun reported, “For the third day in a row we are motoring along in minimum winds with clear skies and calm seas.  The crew is making the best of the lack sailing, and spend time learning different knots, how to splice the sails and by maintaining the boat.”


Nevertheless, there was still one lasting reminder left by the 35 knot winds and five meter waves:  some minor damage to the boat. Bertram explained, “After the strong weather last week we had lost a dorade valve to Neptune, so amongst other tasks the crew mounted new ones on the deck, so we could still have ventilation under deck without taking in the whole sea.”


In today’s blog from the boat MS crew member, Luisa tells us more about “another unexpected day at the paradise called Oceans of Hope”.  It started with a traditional English Breakfast courtesy of Jacob, “with bacon and eggs, and baked beans.  The only thing missing at 8am was half a pint. (Only joking!)”


As the Bosun reminded us, “all work and no play makes for a dull crew” and revealed that in between duties, “there was time to pull in two Dorado fish of about 3 and 5 kilos!” 


The first catch went to Luisa and the second to Jens.  Here’s how it happened.


“We were on deck and suddently the fishing gear started to bend.  I remembered to jump up really fast and run to pick it up and start pulling. The bait came out of the water first with no fish but then it went under the water again and I felt the fish biting so strongly that my heart started racing. I began dreaming... and it was true: my first catch in the Atlantic Ocean!” said Luisa excitedly.  Adding, “I was in a state of WOW - I couldn‘t believe I’d done it.”


Such magical moments of happiness have been nick-named ’beings‘ by the crew.  Luisa explained,  “It's almost indescribable, like a warm feeling in the chest and feeling sparkles coming out of the eyes, as if my whole being was smiling.“


An afternoon spent reading back through the blogs is the icing on the cake because it allows Luisa to re-live her amazing journey on board.  It helped her realise that, “My life's already changed in just one month: being grateful and smiling all day long with the amazing Danish crew is the most visible side effects of Oceans of Hope in me.“

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