Secret plans hatched onboard

OoH Aug 18, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Life on board Oceans of Hope has returned to ‘normal’ after more than almost 24 hours of fierce winds.  However, as the skies cleared and the sea became calm, secret plans were hatched.


MS crew member, Tine Perlt gives us a front row seat from the “20 hour rollercoaster ride” in today’s blog from the boat.  She describes how even everyday tasks, such as getting dressed, became “comparable to an Olympic discipline” because “…clothes on hangers were at a 45 degree angle to the wall.”


The only thing to do was to buckle up and enjoy the ride.  “Most of the crew were on deck during the daytime.  It was very warm and humid, and quite exhausting to move around too much, so most of us were just lying around on deck in their oilskin suits (including myself)… Everything was wet and everything was covered by a thick layer of salt.”


Her final opinion on the awe inspiring experience was summed up in one word, “fantastic.”   Explaining that, “The yacht was doing exactly what it was built for and easily rode the up to 5 meter waves and ever as elegantly down the valley of the waves.”


What of the secret plans?  The Bosun reported that, “After a full night and day with strong winds reaching gale force, the crew was back to its usual rhythm yesterday.  Blue skies and a killer sun had the crew dozing and bathing on the deck until ‘it’ was decided.  Everyone gathered and plans were made.”


Bertram remained tight-lipped and would only add mysteriously that, “On board the Oceans of Hope 1200 nautical miles from the nearest coast, in the very middle of the Atlantic, we had to make a surprise for our loved ones ashore.  Our daily life is online to anyone, while we have no idea what is going on back home.  So it was our turn to have a secret.  Wait and see!”

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