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An exciting new vista

OoH Aug 17, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

The Bosun reports that yesterday’s windy weather picked up even more during the day which gave the Oceans of Hope some serious sailing and impressive waves to get her teeth into.  On the downside this left, “no time nor energy for blog writing”.   As a result we don’t have a blog from the boat for you today.

Bertram the Bosun told us more about the dramatic ocean conditions and how well the boat coped with them, “As the wind picked up during yesterday, the size of the waves were increasing as well.  Four and five meter walls of water as far as the eye could see, and the yacht was
cruising on as if nothing was going on.”

Faced with 35 knots of wind, Oceans of Hope sailed on with waves breaking over her bow.  For those on board it offered an exciting new vista.  The Skipper told us, “It was great to enjoy a change of scenery.”

However, he admits that this made, “the cooking a bit complicated. So we decided it was a good opportunity to try out the freeze dried food.  The choice was either ‘Asian vegetable and beef noodles’ or ‘Mild curried beef with rice’.  Adding just boiled water to the bag of greyish powder you suddenly sit with a hot decent-tasting meal in front of you.”

 “Still it was agreed by everyone that however tasty the meal was in no way comparable to Jacob’s cooking.  Jens and Mikkel Bruun still often express their surprise at how great the food is on board,” he continued.

Today it is a week since Oceans of Hope departed from Madeira, and she has now put about 1100 nautical miles behind her.  The boat’s next stop will be Bermuda on route to Boston, USA.

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