The biggest waves yet

OoH Aug 16, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

The one thing you can always count upon when sailing the ocean is that the weather will always change, for better or for worse.  The Bosun reported that after several days of clear skies and gentle breeze for Oceans of Hope, the wind really picked up yesterday.  

He told us, “At this very moment Oceans of Hope is breaking through the Atlantic waves at a speed of 11 knots – the wind started picking up yesterday evening and we have been sailing with south-western winds around 12m/s all night.”

Of course strong winds don’t just mean faster sailing, they also mean larger waves.  This means extra vigilance is required by the crew when on deck.  It also, it turns out, means extra enjoyment.   Bosun Bertram explains that in the last 24 hours, “The waves were bigger than we have seen the whole voyage and as we are heeling over on a 30 degree angle, with waves splashing all the way to the cockpit, there is now a mandatory use of lifelines as soon as you pop up on deck for your turn of the fun.”

“Because it is fun!” he reassured us, before quickly revealing that, “The crew turn out of their bunks with eyes raised and a troubled look, but when they get on deck, you see the ‘side effects of sailing’ that Luisa keeps talking about. The big smile that sticks on the face of everyone - realising that we are steering this big boat through the waves like a knife through butter on our way over the Atlantic.”

MS crew member, Jacob Wolsing told us that despite the weather another milestone was reached by the intrepid voyagers onboard Oceans of Hope, “We have been fishing for many hours, and yesterday evening, we caught our first fish, a tuna weighing 1.5 kg.  Hurray!!

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