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It's more than a feeling!!

OoH Aug 16, 2014, by Jakob Wolsing in Yacht

“I hate when Jens is snoring”, “Why is Mikkel not joining in with the meals?” or “I think the Captain gives silly orders !”  It could so easily be like this when you are onboard a sailing boat - 67 feet long with nine people together 24/7 - but until now, it has not.


It has been a big surprise just how little interfering or conflict I have experienced on my journey so far.  People are behaving in a way that gives each other room and takes account of our differences. We all know and accept if a person needs to rest or just sit on his own, reading, writing or just thinking.  


One of the reasons is of course the weather conditions we have had up to now.  It has been very warm the last two days, with very little wind.  We ended up yesterday with a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, at a depth of 5000 meters: so nice.


The atmosphere between us is absolutely good.  Full of humour, music, jokes (sometimes bad, Bertram) and you always have someone to turn to if you need a chat. Many hours are spent looking out over the ocean, seeing if there are whales, dolphins, flying fish or any ships on the horizon.  I like it when you sit on the deck, in the middle of the night, looking at the sky, with so many shooting stars lightening up the heavens and the only sound is the boat breaking through the waves.


We have been fishing for many hours, and yesterday evening, we caught our first fish, a tuna weighing 1.5 kg. Hurray!!


This morning (Friday) I was on duty.  I made some fried eggs for breakfast, and while we were eating - Bertram, Mikkel B, Luisa and I - a big group of dolphins joined us, a flying fish jumps in front of the boat and the wind, at last, turned up.


Now, I was standing behind the wheel, alone on the deck.  The world is mine!  Mikkel A. came to join me, and we had a long conversation about the project, Oceans of Hope.  About the stories, the difficulties, the planning and the time pressures, but of course also all the good times and that the project at the end was getting real.  I am a part of this now.  


Mikkel went back down to the cabin.  I start crying...


Today I found myself.


I think of you at home.  I hope you miss me, because I am missing you.  It's a good feeling, so smile with me :-)).


It is more than a feeling!!!

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