"The view has grown and the horizon expanded"

OoH Aug 11, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

As Oceans of Hope continues her voyage to change perceptions of multiple sclerosis, it’s not only on board the yacht that the crew are discovering abilities they didn’t realise they possessed, proving the theory that, given the opportunity, people can go way beyond their perceived boundaries.

During their time in Madeira the crew of Oceans of Hope had the opportunity to go diving. Tine Perlt describes the wonders of seeing the thousands of fish in her blog today, and the effect the experience has had on her own self-confidence.

She writes, “The dive instructor asks with hand signals if I'm okay – and yeah, I am okay. I am more than okay – I am almost euphoric, because I have stepped over a line I didn't think I would be able to cross. I have taken another step that seemed impossible and larger than I ever thought possible for me to take. The view has grown and the horizon expanded. Dream it and then do it!

“I am thankful and happy for every day until now that I have had on board this yacht with the amazing people I am so lucky to be to sailing with. The diving experience on Madeira is yet another experience that we can add to the list of things that we can look back on in the future with joy and hopefully talk about after we have come home.”

Having left Madeira yesterday afternoon Oceans of Hope is now sailing on an almost completely westerly heading towards Bermuda, the next pit stop en route to Boston, USA.

“We are steering between 260 and 290 degrees depending on the little wind we have these first days,” explains Bertram Christensen.

“Unfortunately we don't have much wind to work with, so we have to accompany the sails with some diesel-powered engine from time to time. The crew has quickly come back into the routine of the life at sea with the permanent watch schedules and various duties.

“The atmosphere is good, though today most of the crew seems a bit sleepy. Nothing a good batch of pancakes from skipper Kristian and Jacob Wolsing can't help! Suddenly everyone is out of their bunks. ‘Afternoon workout before dinner,’ Kristian finishes off, as the crew sneaks away when plates are empty!”

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