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Underway again after "awesome" Madeira pit stop

OoH Aug 10, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Oceans of Hope has set sail on the second stage of the transatlantic crossing, leaving Madeira today heading for Bermuda, the next planned stop on this leg of the voyage.

The pit stop at the beautiful Atlantic island gave the crew the chance to unwind, as well as take on some more fresh supplies for the next few weeks at sea.

Bertram Christensen, Oceans of Hope’s bosun, said Madeira was “awesome” and reports, “We had absolute beautiful sailing from Lisbon to here, with sunny days and blue skies, water splashing in the cockpit and tanning on the deck. We arrived on Friday afternoon in the charming little port town of Quinta do Lorde. The crew had a chance to see the town, before we met on Oceans of Hope to celebrate that we completed the first leg of our Atlantic Crossing. The yacht was decorated with flags from around the world and funky tunes were pumping until late in the night. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and the cockpit served both as bar, dance floor and lounge. It was a great success!

“After a rare chance to sleep in, the whole crew has now gone diving at a nearby dive site. When they return we are gonna stock up on fresh provisions and water to prepare for the next step of our voyage. 

“The crew is excited and ready to go to sea again, bearing in mind that we could be at sea for up to three weeks. But there is no worry. The first leg showed everyone, that we are a great crew and we can work together as a team!” 

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