Atlantic crossing stage one complete

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The first stage of Oceans of Hope’s first Atlantic crossing is complete, and the crew has reached Madeira, an island approximately 400 miles west of Morocco.  The short hop from Portugal has been an opportunity to steady the nerves and allow the crew to settle in to life on board ahead of the much greater challenge that lies ahead.

For Jacob Wolsing, one of the crew who joined the yacht in Lisbon after weeks of waiting for his turn to get on board, the last few days have confirmed why he wanted to take part in the first circumnavigation by a yacht with a working crew including people with MS.

He explains, “Many thoughts go through your head, before entering this project. Many nights you have been awake, thinking of this big trip to Boston, with people you do not really know, and on a boat with a minimal space, less than what you are used to. What about seasickness? How will you react on the big waves on the Atlantic Ocean?

“The first three days we were in harbour. It's not really happening yet... But when we sailed Tuesday morning from the harbour, we were on our way, no way back. Until today, I use all my time, to try to fit in with the other crew. I have already got used to my bed, very little space, and often very hot, but it's ok. It is really difficult to imagine, that I am only 10% into the trip to Boston, and I am NOT seasick!”

Mikkel Anthonisen, the Oceans of Hope project founder, said, “This morning we woke up to an amazing sunrise on our way to beautiful Madeira. We have almost finished the first leg of our Atlantic crossing, and we have done great! The crew, I must say, is an excellent team. These first three days at sea have been sort of a tester for the real Atlantic crossing, where we will be all by ourselves!"

As they passed Porto Santo the crew was excited to reach the Atlantic island and are planning to stay for a day, possibly two, if the weather allows.

Bertram Christensen reports, “So far we have enjoyed great weather, wearing just t-shirts and shorts almost until midnight.”

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