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Taking a new perspective on life

OoH Aug 7, 2014, by in Yacht

What an epic adventure.  Here I am on board the gorgeous Oceans of Hope yacht, with the caring and funny Danish crew and fellow MSers, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!  I still feel as if I am in a dream, one that I do not want to wake up from.  When I look around there are smiling faces, bodies either working or resting and the deep petroleum blue water that change every day. 

The sails go up and down in time with the ocean swell that swings us constantly from one side to the other. There is a magic blend between movement, stillness and wonder.  There are so many things new that are indescribable: they must be experienced to be truly known.

I am so grateful for this opportunity of sailing from Lisbon to Boston on board Oceans of Hope. When I am at the helm something happens inside of me. Can you imagine what is like to ride a wild horse through the fields of deep blue water, up and down the waves, like mountains? And you are totally free. That's what being at the helm of this boat, full of soul, is all about. To guide us is an almost full moon, that is our ‘sun of the night’, painting a silver pathway in the ocean to our destination.

There are great lessons to be learnt by belonging to this wonderful crew.  I now accept more willingly a hand to step up or to balance myself.  I now accept that I am more an “outside person” as Mikkel Anthonisen (there are three Mikkels on board!) pointed so well about himself.  He helped me to see more of the capabilities, the things that I can do: it is not good to lose myself in what I cannot change.

My room-mate is Tine who has answered all my questions since the first day we met!  Believe me, you'll have well over a hundred of questions when planning and coming on board.  She is funny and very easy to get along, so I feel very fortunate.  At this point of the journey we are on opposite shifts, so we meet more at other times of the days, but it is easier to manage the daily tasks in our room.  We are a good team.

Here I have no choice but to take really good care of myself, not letting myself get sea sick for example.  (That's why I am stopping writing now and going to bed.)   Wishing all the best winds to us and all the best to our amazing followers.  What a ride, Oceans of Hope rules! Wait for us in Boston!

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