Finishing the electrical work on board

OoH Jul 26, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

The Bosun gave us an update on the ongoing preparations for Oceans of Hope’s imminent transatlantic crossing from Lisbon to Boston.


He explained that yesterday had been another busy day on the boat and told us, “We've been mounting things here and there around the boat for practical uses such as coat hangers, handle bars, locking straps to keep things in place that is needed for a transatlantic voyage.”


As reported yesterday, the crew has been hard at work putting their backs into getting their floating home clean inside and out, and stocked up on provisions. Because of the scale of the work being done onboard yesterday Tessa said it meant a day off for her and her fellow MS crew members, “The engine had to be carefully checked and this means that they even have to take the floor out. People who are in control of their legs and balance can step from metal bar to metal bar to get from one side of the boat to the other. For the MS crew it is safer not to try to do that.”


They decided to enjoy a day out in the historic town of Sintra, one of Portugal’s most acclaimed World Heritage Sites. 


“It is a beautiful magical, old city with so many old spectacular buildings”, said Tessa, adding that even the bus journey there was beautiful. “The surrounding slowly changes from busy seaside village to lush forest. With high green trees, with long, hanging leaves. The sound of monkeys would have made it seem sub-tropical but their absence shows we are in different surroundings. The temperature drops and the tops of the mountains are hidden in the mist”, she said.


Meanwhile onboard Oceans of Hope the Bosun and a team of mechanics were hard at work.  This included improvements to the onboard communications equipment, as the Skipper told us, “We have also been upgrading my office on board with a new mobile screen for the media and blog work, and with that we are finishing up the last of the electrical work on board.” 

Oceans of Hope is currently in Cascais Marina, Portugal and will arrive in Lisbon on Monday 28 July.

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