Under way to Porto

OoH Jul 19, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

The Skipper reports that the Oceans of Hope, “We spent the night in a quiet fishing village with a name no one can either pronounce or spell, and took off early this morning. We are now under way to Porto, where we should arrive sometime this evening depending on whether or not the wind shifts as promised.”

The beauty of the journey continues to impress those on board and he adds, "We have been sailing on this coast for two days now, and yesterday we met a guy from Finland, who had been sailing these waters for the past three years. He was nowhere near finished here - we are obviously sailing some really great places."

As the boat heads for Porto, Portugal it is the 24 hours on board for one of the MS Crew.  Lizzie Skovgaard Nielsen has been on board since the start and reflects on her experience in today’s daily blog. Tessa once again leant a helping hand by typing the blog for her, explaining that the writing process was even slower than before, “partly due to constant tiredness but mostly because of the emotional content of her story. It shows how it is to find the words to match the greatness of her experience.”

In the blog Lizzie reflects on a life-changing experience that will stay with her for life, saying, "It is a wonderful, unforgettable adventure. I have met so many beautiful people. Maybe we will meet again and maybe not. But it doesn't matter. I will always have them in my heart.”  She continues that literally being in the same boat with fellow MS sufferers has been a wonderful lesson in the power of teamwork, “ It gives so much strength to be in this crew with so much understanding. Being in such a small surrounding, coping with our unpredictable bodies and sharing the same disease. But still we could rely on each other. I couldn't do the nightshifts anymore. My body was just too tired of the medication. Everybody was so sweet. They all helped out and took my shift. We cover for each other. We all understand what we feel - there is so much acceptance. Now, I finally feel accepted."

Lizzie will leave the boat when it arrives in Porto and is very much looking forward to being reunited with her husband and children.  And having a much needed holiday!

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