Just 10 miles from La Rochelle

OoH Jul 10, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht
From the event: "La Rochelle, France"

Oceans of Hope has been making good progress overnight and is on course for arrival in France this afternoon (Thursday 10 July.)  The boat is currently off the south coast of Isle de Re and just 10 miles from La Rochelle. The yacht is expected to drop anchor at 1600 local time in the Bassindes Chalutiers.

Earlier this morning Jens Als Andersaan reported that all was well on board and that they were making excellent progress towards their fourth stopover.

He said, “After clearing the westernmost tip of Brittany, France we have progressed down the Biscay coast of France en route to La Rochelle.” Adding with relief that, “The weather has greatly improved.”

The crew are now looking for a place to spend a couple of hours waiting for the evening high water to allow us them to enter the harbour.

MS Crew member Phil Gowers said that they are enjoying the calmer conditions after several days of rough seas and seasickness. She said that they were also hoping to make the most of the brief rest by taking, “a swim off the boat before arriving with the afternoon high water.”

Phil added that the unexpected stopovers and night sailing had taught her a valuable lesson for life at sea,  “that whilst you always need to have a plan when sailing you also always need to be ready for changes.”

The Oceans of Hope will arrive in La Rochelle, France at 1600 local time today, Thursday 10 July.







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