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The white cliffs of Dover

OoH Jun 30, 2014, by Inia Hapiac in Yacht

Looking back at a couple of lovely days in Amsterdam where we received an exclusive welcome and there was a reception, a lot of pictures were taken, so we had to pose in all possible ways.

We also had to say goodbye to Peter, whom we were very sorry couldn’t join us for longer. But now we have Tessa on board, and she is just a great chick; Tessa and I share a cabin and are both on board until La Rochelle.

While we were in Amsterdam the boat had to be prepared for the next stopover. Therefore the MS crew had a chance to head downtown and have a look at the city. Amsterdam is just a lovely place! We bought tickets for the tram and then we were on a tour! Søren knows the town a bit so it was just a luxury with a personal guide. We visited the Van Gogh Museum and after that our tour was filled with pit-stops – and that’s not too bad – because there are so many lovely plazas where you can sit and have a good time. We didn’t get back to the boat until late that evening and we were so tired. But what a lovely day!

Life on board, I think, has come in to a good rhythm. But I must say that there are two kinds of life on this boat – one when we are in port and one when we are sailing. Right now we are under way to Portsmouth and have been for 24 hours. Starting off we had nice wind, and did good speed. We actually had expected to be sailing for two whole days but now it seems we’ll arrive in Gosport some time this evening.

Life on board, when we are under way, is based on a watch schedule, where we each have a watch of four hours and then rest for six hours, and that’s day and night. Ha ha it’s a little hard, when I’m used to sleeping like a log for 10 hours, so it’s a bit of a revelation! On watch we help with steering, sailing, cooking, dish washing and many other things. This work is done as well as you can, because there are cases of sea sickness.

We have a really great atmosphere on board where we help each other the best we can, and “the professionals” are just so helpful and understanding. I know I am going to miss the unity, when I disembark :’(

My watch started at 0600. Even though I had set an alarm the phone was under my pillow. Luckily Lizzie woke me up ever so gently, and what a joy to be awoken to gently with news of the beautiful morning. The view that met me was a sunrise just over the White Cliffs of Dover – the red sun made the cliffs shine purple and were reflected in the water. It was so beautiful and all troubles were forgotten.

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Right now we have no wind and we are motoring away. The galley is a mess and the officer of the watch has just asked, if I had “any plans” for the tea and coffee…. So I better run. See you in Portsmouth!

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