Sailing to soothe the soul

OoH Jun 30, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

It’s amazing how 24 hours sailing on a 20-metre yacht can make you forget all your cares, especially when that time includes a beautiful sunrise over the iconic white cliffs of Dover.

That’s the sight that greeted the crew of Oceans of Hope as they entered the English Channel early this morning as they sail from Amsterdam to Portsmouth, where they will arrive at Gunwharf Quays at 1500 local time on Thursday.

Inia Hapiac from Denmark, who joined the crew in Kiel, Germany, was due on watch at 0600 this morning. She admits in her blog she’s used to sleeping for ten hours straight, so the four-hours-on-six-hours-off watch system is taking a bit of getting used to.

“Even though I had set an alarm the phone was under my pillow... Luckily Lizzie woke me up ever so gently and what a joy to be awoken with news of the beautiful morning. The view that met me was a sunrise just over the White Cliffs of Dover – the red sun made the cliffs shine purple and were reflected in the water. It was so beautiful and all troubles were forgotten.”

The light westerly winds of yesterday disappeared during the morning so the crew are making their way eastwards along the south coast of the UK with a little help from their engine. 

This morning the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation and Oceans of Hope founder appeared on BBC Radio Solent, along with British crew member, Phil Gowers, who will join the yacht when she arrives in Portsmouth. You can listen to the programme here (the interviews are at 0710 and 0810).

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