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My rolling home

OoH Jun 25, 2014, by Søren Rønn Willesen in Yacht

The yacht went through the Kieler Kanal yesterday and we have been sailing in the North Sea for about a day and a night now. The wind is between north and west and we are doing a good speed. The physical challenge from the large swells and at times powerful seas is noticeable. Every step and every action must be given an extra thought, consideration. I slept with my head into a corner to keep from rolling out of my bunk!

Yesterday I felt the seasickness knocking when I was cooking soup in the galley (cauliflowers and potatoes) for the crew. It is clearly not good to be active under deck for longer periods of time. But the soup turned out great!

The night watch from 0200 to 0600 was mine with Kristian at first and then Bertram. I entered deck for a great light show from an enormous field of windmills, lighting up a broad spectrum of the horizon with red and white lights. We altered the course from 260° to 270° and the swells came rolling under us.

The feeling is not so much that of vacation or adventure but rather that of having switched your home back in Odsherred for a very different daily environment. The idea has started to settle that this boat, this rolling ocean with wind and pressure, will be my home for the next few weeks. And the idea fills me with joy.

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