The barista of the yacht!

OoH Jun 24, 2014, by Inia Hapiac in Yacht

I was picked up at the Kiel Haupthbahnhof by three of the crew. I already knew them and was really happy that they were there to meet me. First we had to get some groceries for the next couple of days at sea. We brought it back to the boat through the Kieler Woche Festival and arrived to the sound of music and song from the party going on around us. I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome from the lovely crew waiting on the yacht. It was great.

Once on board my first wish was to get settled. Everything was so new, and I got my cabin, which I think is really nice. It’s rather intimate and quite simple but it’s not at all claustrophobic either.

In the evening we had a lovely dinner cooked by Lizzie and Søren, and afterwards we relaxed and just enjoyed ourselves for the rest of the night.

The next day we set off to go through the Kieler Kanal, a stretch of approximately 100km or 55 nautical miles. It’s so amazing to see the huge tankers and freight ships that are travelling through this narrow channel. I can’t believe it. It’s even more impressive when we are side by side in the locks to the channel and you see how tiny we look next to them.

Wait! I almost forgot to mention, that I’ve been appointed the barista of the yacht! There is  hardly ever a moment, when one of the crew isn’t ready for the a cup of coffee!

I just think it is really lovely to be here: to be on board the Oceans of Hope.  I feel really good here, and I feel at home. When you are among such amazing people, life is just great.

Now we are lying at the end of the Kieler Kanal for the night – we are tied to a restaurant boat, where the nice owner offered us to moor. Everything is peaceful. We weren’t able to eat in the restaurant, so Anne and I cooked a delicious chicken curry. I have to mention that it is a bit different to suddenly be cooking for a whole crew! Especially when it’s in a galley kitchen!

Tomorrow we are heading out into the North Sea, and it will be so exciting! I’m looking forward, and I think everybody is – because we are setting sail!

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