Setting course towards Kiel

OoH Jun 18, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

It would seem conditions could not be better for the crew of Oceans of Hope as the skipper, Kristian Bo Echwald Hansen reports today.

“Yesterday was a beautiful day where we had a chance to set all the sails and shut down the engine to everyone’s joy,” he comments. “We arrived in Ballen, Samsø around 2020 local time and enjoyed our dinner in the cockpit while the sun set. The happy atmosphere on board is catching and the crew starting to get familiar with the yacht on which we live.”

He adds “Today we set course towards Kiel with 16 hours of sailing ahead of us, which will give the crew a chance to try sailing at night.”

The people with MS who are sailing as crew on board the 20-metre yacht are settling well into life on board, dividing into watches to work the boat. This means half the crew will rest while the others sail, before coming back on deck to take their turn at sailing.

It makes managing periods of fatigue much easier according to Pia Helgogaard, today’s on board reporter.

She says, “Today we received our watch schedule – a really good thing. This way you get to create your own routines from the beginning, and organizing your energy is much easier.

“You reset, recharge, and you are so in the moment.”

Oceans of Hope will arrive in Kiel tomorrow, Thursday 19 June, and will spend the night at the British Kiel Yacht Club before moving to Bahnoffskai in the inner harbour on Friday.

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