Tine Perlt


Tine Perlt, 38, lives in Stubbekøbing, Falster in Denmark and works in an archive.

“I will feel so proud of myself for doing this. It is something I never thought I could do as I have always feared sailing,” Tine said. “This is the biggest challenge I’m going to get in my life.

Asked why she enjoys sailing, Tine, who was diagnosed with MS ten years ago, said: "Because the sky is high, because I love the feeling of the wind and the sun and because I have come to love being close to one of Nature's most powerfull elements – the sea. It can be exciting or relaxing and it makes me feel both challenged, happy and free."

Tine said she is looking forward to being challenged on how she much she can do. "I look forward to being a part of something bigger than me and, through this voyage, learning new things about myself."  

"I will feel like I’m two metres tall when I get to Boston."

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