Tessa van den Berg


Tessa had just finished studying journalism when, she says, “the MS barged in” and she was diagnosed nine years ago.

“Since then I experience the vulnerability of the human body. I know that energy is fragile. I experience problems with my memory and cognition,” says Tessa.

Working around the disease to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle she loves means Tessa has had to find a new way of doing things, including changing plans at short notice when fatigue strikes.

“Since I was diagnosed I always explain that my agenda plans are made from elastic bands. They might need to be stretched or shrunk,” she explains. “The ability to do the simplest things like cooking, doing groceries or having chats are sometimes, all of a sudden, big obstacles.

“It took me about eight years to figure out a new plan for life, to recalibrate my dreams and goals. And here I am now.

“As an ambassador of MS Research I share my stories and I hope to create awareness. I try to make the best out of my life especially WITH my MS.”

Later this year Tessa will cycle 1,200 kilometres from her home in the Netherlands to climb Mont Ventoux in France.

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