Roz Smith


Roz Smith, 41, is an architect and sailor from New Zealand.

She has loved sailing for as long as she can remember. "Ever since I was a little girl, sailing boats has been a part of my life, from Dad rebuilding the old Hartley in the backyard, to taking our cat sailing on lake Taupo, we have always enjoyed time on the water. The latest family boat, an Eagle, has been sold and we now have a tiny Sunburst to play around in with our small children (no more overnighters or weekend trips!)," she said.

According to Roz, being on the water has been a calming influence, whether it is the smell of the salty ocean, refreshing breezes or blustery squalls, sitting at anchor or racing along, it has made her feel both the most alive and the most relaxed (although not necessarily at the same time).

There has not been an opportunity to go out on the sea recently, so she could not turn down the opportunity to apply to participate in open ocean sailing, as she has never done this before. Roz looks forward to meeting her fellows crew members and experiencing the highs and lows of the Mediterranean.

She was diagnosed with MS more than 8 years ago, and has been fortunate enough to return to almost 100% after each relapse. To date she has had little contact with other people with MS. "It will be great to share experiences and strengths, whilst supporting weaknesses, with the other crew members. May we all grow through the experience," she said.

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