Phil Gowers


Phil, a dentist and father of two who lives in Gosport, UK, was over the moon to be offered a place on board Oceans of Hope. He said, “I want to inspire other people with MS to believe in hope again, to believe in yourself and what you can do. I have been diagnosed with MS for 8 years, but have been able to continue my work as a dentist and hobbies including sailing by managing my periods of fatigue. I’m looking forward to meeting the other crew members, working together and supporting each other during this amazing experience; I can’t wait!”

Phil was diagnosed with MS in 2005. His first symptoms were numbness in his legs and the muscles constricting on one side of his face. “My face was stuck in a smile on one side and my legs didn’t feel right, a bit like I was wearing a wetsuit all of the time. My wife started looking into possible causes that matched my symptoms, and there were a few things we thought it could be including a brain tumour. I remember the exact date I was diagnosed with MS, it was a life-changing moment for me but my first reaction wasn’t anger or shock, it was love – love for my family and friends."

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