Peter Daudeij


Peter Daudeij lives in the Netherlands. He is 33 years old and was diagnosed with MS in the fall of 2012. Peter is currently running his own business in the heat treatment industry and has a wife and two sons who are 8 and 6. He and his family loves water(sports) like windsurfing, motor sailing and fishing.

Peter has loved the water and sailing since childhood. He was born in Rotterdam and lived on the outskirts. Once his father changed jobs he moved with his family to the rural part of Holland.

After elementary school he travelled between home and Rotterdam where he went to nautical college and graduated as a maritime officer. During his studies he worked as a construction worker in the ship repair business. After graduating he spent his offshore career on freezer trawlers where his preference was engineering.

During his offshore career he started studying Technology Management and in 2005 an opportunity came along, which worked well with his plans to start a family. He switched careers and became an international sales manager for a marine diesel engine company. In the years that followed he travelled all over Europe with great pleasure.

After a few years he had the opportunity to take over a family owned business in the heat treatment industry. During these years he started to notice increasing symptoms, both physically and mentally. Problems like extreme fatigue and concentration problems, which he ascribed to stress. In the fall of 2012 he started to notice also physical symptoms, which didn't fade after rest.

Shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with MS, which was followed by a difficult time. During the last three years he has hardly been able to work due to a number of flare­ups causing issues from loss of walking ability to loss of vision and more. Currently he is experiencing both bad and good periods of time while learning not to exceed his daily limits.

Peter's goal is to stabilize his MS by trying to adapt, to not give up and continue to explore his limits. He has reorganized his business, which has given him more freedom to work on his balance and condition.

Peter was very excited when Sailing Sclerosis crossed his path as he loves sailing and recognised an opportunity to experience sailing again and explore his abilities in an environment he really likes.

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