Mindy Bartscherer


I discovered sailing and a passion for the wind on the water after my MS diagnosis in 1996 and before I had any compromising effects. I was fortunate to meet four women a few years later who had circumnavigated with their families by sailboat. They shared their experiences, both good and bad, convincing me that it is possible! From that moment my dream has been to circumnavigate. Life, though, has a way of interfering and I had basically moved that dream to the far back burner. Then in October I saw a newspaper article about this incredible journey around the world called Oceans of Hope! My dream seemed possible once again! I applied and my journey is now underway!

I’m 53 and am in transition! My two sons have grown into wonderful men; one will be married between now and the start of my leg on Crew 7. I’m a recently retired neurologic physical therapist, and now help to manage a food cupboard. My husband and I just sold our suburban home and will be moving into the city of Philadelphia in the next month or so.

Sailing Sclerosis’ Oceans of Hope has inspired me to accept the challenges that life presents and continue to achieve all my life goals.


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