Martin Binderup Borre


Martin Borre, 52, is a chemical engineer from Copenhagen, Denmark living with MS for the last 16 years. He is the father of two, and has a wife who also lives with MS.

Martin has had to change his activities a lot lately because of his development of his MS.  Ever since he heard about this the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation and Oceans of Hope - he hoped  to participate. In his own words:

“It's my experience that shorter sailing trips have improved my MS-conditions, both physically and mentally So, I think that a longer journey like this will have a similar or maybe even larger effect.”

Martin is looking forward to experience the new people and places, the nature experiences, and to be a part of this sailing crew. He is excited to eventually come back and tell his kids about it.  He hopes this will lead to a new hobby, and a better understanding of what MS-people can do.


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