Marian Jensen


Marian Jensen, 48, is from Helsingør (often known in English-speaking countries as Elsinore) in Denmark, home to the Kronborg Castle where William Shakespeare's play Hamlet is set. Marian worked as a legal secretary in the Ministry of Education, in the municipality of Helsingør and more recently as a paralegal in a private firm. She was awarded early retirement in 2012.

Marian enjoys riding her racing bike in the summer, and in the winter months stays active inside using the fitness center for training. She is a board member of the local Scleroseforening (Sclerosis association in Denmark) and she also participated in various voluntary efforts.

Marian had optic neuritis in 2002 and was diagnosed with MS in 2007.

Her experience on the water comes from her father, who had a motorboat throughout her upbringing, so she is comfortable on the water. Yet she has never sailed on her own. In her own words:

”I'm so much looking forward to the challenge to be in an entirely different element, which I never have tried before. Also I'm looking so much forward to the experiences that will come together with the crew.”

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