Lizzie Skovgaard Nielsen


Lizzie, a mother of two from Haslev in Sealand, will be part of the crew on board Oceans of Hope from Kiel to La Coruna in Spain. She used to work as a supervisor in a delicatessen and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis five years ago.


"When I read about Oceans of Hope in an MS magazine, I thought this project was too good to be true. I sent an email to apply the very same day.


"My life has changed a lot since I was diagnosed with MS five years ago. I had a problem with my hand and lost the sight in one eye for a period. But sailing has changed how I look at things and how people look at me; before I signed up for this adventure I was a mum and a housewife, but now I am sailor Lizzie. Taking part in the voyage will build my confidence and help me to trust myself a little bit more."


Although she is excited about taking part in the voyage, it will mean being away from home for nearly a month. "I’ll really miss my family as I’ve only ever been away for one week before. But I’m so proud to be taking part, I still can’t quite believe it, being part of this crew will be a fantastic achievement."

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