Lars Mikkelsen


Lars is 58 years old and lives in Ringsted with his wife Birgit and their son who's 32 years old. He's a trained blacksmith and in the years 1986 -1991 he built his own 45 foot steel sailboat, which he dreamed about sailing around the world in. Then in 1993, Lars was hospitalized with abnormal sensations in the arms and legs – and in the summer of 1993, he was diagnosed with MS. Fortunately, the disease has not developed agressively. In 1998 he was awarded with a disability pension and at the same time he began his own company, which sells boat equipment and produces equipment in stainless steel – primarily for boats. In 2006 he sold his steel boat – as it required much maintenance – and instead he bought a 40 foot Jeanneau sailboat – fiberglass. Lars became aware of Oceans of Hope in 2013 through the website of the Sclerosis Assosiation and immediately started the application process.

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