Jérémie Taillandier


Jérémie is 33 years old, French and has lived in Lisbon, Portugal for the last 6 years. He was diagnosed with MS in France 8 years ago after having finished his MSc in England. He experiences symptoms such as lack of balance and weakness in the left leg, however, he feels good, doesn't have relapses and keeps very active.

Jérémie has been working in the WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) sector in African Portuguese countries as a consultant since 2008. He loves to eat international food, play football (Benfica is his team)  and his new passion is sailing. He crossed the Biscay bay last year and according to him, it felt amazing! After that he met Mikkel and his crew in Lisbon where Oceans of Hope was moored and saw them off as they got ready for their transatlantic crossing (Lisbon-Boston) in Lisbon bay last year. "I am now looking forward to taking part in the last leg of the Oceans of Hope circumnavigation from Rome to Barcelona, meeting new people with MS, sharing experiences and creating a sense of HOPE among us," he said.

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