Henny Eriksen


Henny Eriksen lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was diagnosed with MS 18 years ago and today she has a job with flexible hours.

"I have not experienced MS manifest itself in such a way that I have had to think about it all the time. But still I’m always aware that I have it. I am not marked by it and I’m not sad. I'm lucky, and although I have had a number of attacks, I have just been lucky to be able to get back to a place of accepting things as they are. It's certainly not MS that defines me!" she says.

likes fitness, yoga and spinning at the gym as well as biking and scuba diving in nature. She also loves to travel, to challenge her body and mind with new adventures and cultures.

"I applied to join Oceans of Hope and figured that noone would take notice of me because I have no sailing experience. But how can you not want to do it? It's an adventure! This is something that you could never ever buy for money or get a chance to do again. And I even got the news just as I was going on Christmas vacation. What a Christmas present! I had to get on board - for me it would be foolish not to!"

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