Egon Sørensen


60 years old, divorced, 2 adult daughters. I am living in a small town (7000 PAX) named Lemvig in the western part of Denmark.

I got my MS diagnosis 10 years ago. The first 5 years I was working fulltime on a chemical factory nearby, then I got a parttime job (Same factory) for 2 years, and now I am fully retired.

In my youth I was sailor and fisherman from the Danish Westcoast, we were fishing in the Northsea and in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. I had my own fishing vessel named "Omega" for 4 years.

After I quit fishing/sailing i was parttime crew on a Danish sea rescue boat named "Martha Lerche" from Thyborøn for 3 years. You could say that I'm an experienced sailor, but it is several years ago, and I have only a little experience with sailboats, so many things are changed and many things are new for me.

However: I know something about how it is to live on a  small boat in many days or weeks :-)

I travel with my backpack as much as possible, mainly in the winterperiod as winterweather in Denmark is not Sclerosisweather :-)

I look foreward to the trip with "Oceans of Hope" across the Pacific ocean from Galapagos to Tahiti, I see it as a challenge to myself and maybe a kind of dejavu to my former life, the trip with the boat is a part of a longer trip maybe around the world, but im starting in Panama or Colombia in the middle of January 2015, so lets see what the time will bring.

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