Colleen Fegan


I'm an old lady with MS. Well I didn't know it was MS for MANY years, just like most of us

You have an idea in your head that there is something not-quite-right. You're able to work, and raise 2 smart, lovely daughters. Yet there's always that something. Where's the energy? That extra Va-Voom. When I did get diagnosed, I was going to be the one to beat it! But then in order to work one day I was having to sleep a day and a half …not good odds right?

As much of my social life surrounds the computer, one LUCKY day I ran across Oceans Of Hope. Wow are there so many kind people to organize a trip like this, and can I get on? Am I too old, scary,fat, thin HOW DO i GET ON THE VOYAGE OF A LIFETIME?!

I gathered up some stuff, and went to al the docs, and started to get myself prepared, bits at a time, and with every tick of the clock I wanted to start to pace wondering how long until we know!

I know we all went through this. Anyway, then I got an e-mail that said that the Indian Ocean part of the journey may need some rearranging, but as a consolation prize I could sail 900 miles from Panama to the Galapagos Islands...A Total Bucket List.

We are going to have a good time together..a REAL team, working and sailing together.

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