Britt Olsen


Britt Olsen, 64, is a high school teacher. She teaches French and sports. Britt has two wonderful daughters age 31 and 34 who live in Copenhagen. Britt lives in Jylland, Denmark, which she says is way out in the country. She has a dog, cat, and sheep to keep her company, along with her MTW and 12 hectars of land. She calls it “the best life in the world.”

From 1981 - 1996 Britt was the national coach of the wheelchair racers (athletics). It was a fantastic experience for her and many enjoyable years! Her MS took her sight in one eye back in 1975 while she was studying sports, and she did not know the cause at that time. She kept doing marathons and triathlons until 1990. After understanding the cause and being diagnosed in 1990, Britt says she has “lived with my old friend MS. Life is still fantastic, and I am very much looking forward to meet my crew in Fort Lauderdale.”


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